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References shown on pages categorized under Reference (that is, a subcategory of one of the Reference subcategories) necessarily conform to APA (American Psychology Association) style. By local convention, the page names are of the form:

<first_author_last_name>, <year_of_publication>
Note: there's a space after the comma

Stuff in the angle brackets, including the angle brackets, is replaced. For example, the following represents a page referring to some kind of source provided, in 2002, by at least one person, the first one of which has the last name Gardiner.

Gardiner, 2002

Embedded citations are thus conventionalized as a normal MediaWiki page link in that form. Numerous examples dot the text of this wiki. Forming links is an important little skill of wiki contributors, and following them intelligently a necessary skill of readers.

Reference Analysis and Discussion

I intend that each reference be discussed explicitly, and sometimes thoroughly, in the Discussion page associated to each Reference page. In a formal paper, this would be the substance of a literature review. Here, it is the preparatory work for numerous literature reviews, organized by Reference. These discussion pages could rightly (and probably, should) include the discussion of numerous site contributors.

I often find that the books and articles I read head me off in various directions. However, when I read others' papers, they deliver only terse citings with little or no acknowledgment of this re-direction effect. A goal of this wiki is to get some of these pronounced effects of others' work into the open for discussion and examination.

To augment contributed and my (Tim's) discussion of references, I've taken to copying review and commentary from Amazon and other sources for most books. This material is rarely academic quality, but it is useful nonetheless, both as information for me so I don't have to keep going back to Amazon for descriptions of recommended material (such books are listed in Category:ReferenceType-Recommended) and for others who might find others' opinions or input useful.

Searches Should Include Talk Pages

Now, there's a fly in this ointment. By default, MediaWiki site searches are conducted against content pages only. Yet, in this wiki, a lot of valuable content is intended to be held in talk pages as well. For searches to be meaningful, then, all users should check-off a couple more namespaces under the search tab on their preferences page, namely: Talk, Toolshop Effect, Category, and Category Talk.

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