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February 14, 2016

You'd think I'd have had enough of this a long time ago. I think what I was doing wrong was that I tried to tackle a particular subject domain. It may seem reasonable to do just that, but not to someone who has something to say about a lot of different things. So, I'll just write about what comes to mind.

So let's talk about dogs - rescued dogs. We just got one about a week ago. He's somewhere over 8 years old - a big, wizened-looking lab/shepherd mix with the manners and dignity of Mr. Carson the butler on Downton Abbey, so we named him Karson. He's our fifth family dog. The last one, Buddy, had to be put down last Fall. Buddy was a lovely border collie / shepherd mix.

My big concern about getting another dog - and why I'm writing this - was the cats. We have two. We have experience with cats hating new arrivals, and I didn't want a repeat performance. Well, it turns out that this dog, true to the rescue shelter's description, gets along with cats. (BTW, I highly recommend Sit With Me Dog Rescue for their honesty and hands-on approach.) This means he doesn't lose his marbles when he sees a cat and understands hissing accompanied by an arched back and a fat tail. Within one week, dog and cats are passing each other in the living room with only a shared glance, and the cats are back to eating in their familiar places, instead of in the basement where there are a thousand hiding places. I'd say we've struck gold here - or maybe I should say "oil", since ol' Karson is jet black.

The odd thing, to us, is that old rescue dogs like this are generally not considered to be very desirable. We're told it's about the imminent end game of big old dogs. But, given the multi-year project of training and accommodating puppies, it seems a pretty reasonable compromise.

May 9 Update

Ol' Karson seemed too perfect. Friendly, intelligent, well-trained, accepting of other creatures, such as cats and chickens. Well, we've found that flaw that we're going to have to deal with. He is very aggressive towards other dogs. We visited my daughter and her family who have a very similar dog, but younger, faster and quite excitable. He's friendly, and all, but is nearly manic. Karson did not like him and there were some tense moments. It seemed like he didn't want the other dog near us, because there were some calm moments when they were alone to together. We've got some serious training to do. Sigh.

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