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There is language and then there are languages. I'll glibly suggest that language is the manifestation of mental representations in media. Some languages are hardened by tradition and necessity into explicit rules-based systems of communication. Others are less so, perhaps communicating feelings. Consider a typical spoken or written language versus dance or photography. Out of respect for what most humans regard as a language, I have difficulty refering to every conceivable medium as a language so I've created the notion of a linguistic construct. The notion nicely covers the panoply of computer languages, artistic media, so-called true languages, etc., which vary widely in their expressiveness, depending on their application domain and the traditions that have emerged through their use.

This is a convenient moment to mention my notion of linguisticity, which I use to denote the degree to which a linguistic construct is capable of defining itself, whether neatly and explicitly, or in a complicated roundabout manner, or defining other linguistic constructs.

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