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One thing everyone needs is a good bibliography. In the humanities and social sciences, we call the list of supporting materials/literature references. We use a citation and reference methodology known as APA (see APA, 2006 or APA Style), from the American Psychological Association.

My intention is to provide a review of each reference. When people write academic papers, they do literature reviews, which are analyses of the references they bring to bear on their subjects. In this pattern, I have prepared some reviews and tagged the references that are reviewed. I use a feature of Mediawiki - Discussion pages attached to each and every page - to carry my reviews. If the Discussion tab at the top of a page is not red, then there's text in the discussion page. The discussion pages may also carry materials I've taken from other places just to give some context, so not all discussion pages contain my reviews, but some do. I've not been diligent enough about providing thorough reviews, but I'll get to it.

One thing: When you get down to it, my discussion of the soft tool culture is, for the most part, one massive literature review.

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