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If you want to know more about me, Tim Penner, than this site conveys, you can sign up to LinkedIn and look over my profile there. You can also go to this site's contact page and start a conversation.

As for this site, it is constructed using a standard distribution of Mediawiki augmented by some custom styles and a tiny bit of code hacking, and quite a few plugins, not the least of which is Semantic Media Wiki, a fabulous set of objects that turn Mediawiki into a flexible database system.

It is perhaps odd that I chose to use this software for my personal site when most use Wordpress, and some use systems such as Joomla. I've been working a lot with Mediawiki in the past few years and found that it is extremely appropriate for composing and presenting material about complex subjects with numerous references and cross-references. There's no question that I haven't achieved the glitz and visitor friendliness of Wordpress, but I give such matters lower priority than expressiveness. Visit the help page for general instructions for getting around.

If you want to talk about using Mediawiki for yourself, you should contact me.

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